Flu & Covid Vaccine training: Bundle Offer!


Need an update on Flu AND Covid-19 Vaccines? Get this great product bundle with Covid-19 and Seasonal Influenza standalone courses at a massive 33% OFF!!

Flu training 2021/22

This course is suitable for any health professional that is administering the Seasonal Influenza vaccination in the 2021/22 season.



Covid-19 vaccine training

At Health Academy we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of COVID-19 vaccine training packages with various assessment options to suit your exact needs.

Take a look at the full details in the description below and then select the appropriate package from the options in the dropdown menu. 


Covid-19 standalone course

Additional information

Flu training 2021/22

Flu courses

Seasonal Influenza (Flu) 2021/22 standalone course, Flu 2021/22 with Annual Immunisation Update, Flu 2021/22 with Foundations of Immunisation Online, Flu 2021/22 with Foundations of Immunisation and practical video assessment.

Covid-19 vaccine training

Covid courses

Covid-19 standalone course


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