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This Conflict Resolution Training course is for everyone. It provides the most effective techniques and strategies for handling and resolving conflict in the workplace. Conflict can occur in any workplace, this course is, therefore, suitable for all industry sectors. Understand the types of conflict and learn how to prevent conflict with this short course.


  • Understand the different types of conflict and their consequences
  • Learn strategies to prevent conflict
  • Understand how to handle serious conflict


This section explains what conflict is, the different types, and the harmful consequences for individuals and organisations if it isn’t handled well. It also offers a few techniques that are very effective at preventing conflict from arising or escalating.


This section goes into the key skills that are needed to resolve a conflict and reach a happy outcome for all involved – including emotional intelligence and logical thinking. It’s packed with useful communication tips and techniques!


This short and sweet final section makes suggestions for an organisation’s Conflict Resolution Strategy. It also provides you with six simple steps to approach, work through and resolve more complex or serious conflicts.

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