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Our Equality & Diversity in Care Training Course works alongside Standard 4 of the Care Certificate and promotes equality and respect for diversity by offering care workers knowledge and advice on understanding individuals needs with confidence.


It’s essential to recognise, understand and value the things that make people different. Everyone, regardless of their differences – their abilities, disabilities or health care needs, background or lifestyle – has the right to be included, respected and appreciated. In this section, we look at what’s meant when we talk about ‘diversity’ ‘equality’ and ‘inclusion’, as well as labelling, stereotyping, discrimination, bullying & harassment. 


You’re able to help to reduce the chances of discrimination happening by working in ways that respect diversity and promote equality and inclusion in everything you do. Never make assumptions about what someone wants or how they want to be treated. In this section, we cover person-centred care, legislation, reflective practise, code of conduct and information, advice & support. 

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