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This online Moving and Handling training explains the process of moving someone safely and gives step-by-step guidance, showing the most common lifts and moves. This training is ideal for those working in the care sector.


  • Demonstrate an awareness of the risks associated with moving people, and where a risk assessment is needed
  • Understand how crucial planning is when lifting someone
  • Learn how moving and handling people can affect you and your posture if done incorrectly


In this section, we look at how your back works and how easy it is to damage it. We look at good posture and balance and explain how slipped discs and back pain are caused. Knowing how intricate and perfectly designed your back is and exactly how the damage from poor posture and poor lifting technique builds up over time, will help you to understand how simple adjustments NOW will help avoid problems in years to come.


Before lifting or moving someone you need to plan ahead. Think about the person, think about yourself, think about what’s going on around you. In this section we’re looking at what there is to help you, from individual care plans, risk assessments, and specialist equipment through to planning ahead and clear communication.


This section uses step-by-step guidance to explain how to perform twenty of the most common lifts and moves, such as helping someone to stand from sitting, helping someone who has fallen, rolling someone in bed and helping someone move from a bed to a wheelchair. The section includes moves and lifts using slidesheets, transfer boards and turntables, slings and hoists and covers the pre-use checks that should be done when using slings and hoists.

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