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This Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults course covers levels 1 & 2 and is for anyone who works with, helps, or supports adults at risk. It covers the signs of abuse and explains what to do if you suspect something is happening to a vulnerable adult. It’s all about sensitive handling and timely intervention.


  • Learn about what groups of adults might be at risk
  • Understand and work towards compliance with The Mental Capacity Act and other legislations
  • Learn about the different types of abuse that adults might experience and how to effectively deal with it should it occur


Adult safeguarding is about maintaining or improving a person’s wellbeing, promoting their independence and protecting them from abuse, harm and neglect. In this section, we look at who might be at risk, what the law says and at the principles, policies and procedures for safeguarding.


Abuse can happen anywhere and can be carried out by anyone – including family, friends, neighbours, carers and volunteers. It can be a single act or repeated acts of abuse. In this section, we will be looking at the different types of abuse and various ways of recognising that they may be happening.


When dealing with abuse, harm or neglect and reporting it, it’s important to act quickly. You need to know what to do. In this final section, users will learn about responding to a  disclosure, recording, reporting, emergency situations and the importance of confidentiality. 

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