Recording a 12 Lead ECG

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This comprehensive training course provides vital knowledge on 12-lead ECG recording, covering indications, preparation, electrode placement, recording techniques, and troubleshooting. It is essential for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills, ensure patient safety, and improve outcomes in clinical settings.

This course provides 3 hours of CPD. Image showing 3 CPD hours

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The ability to accurately record an electrocardiogram (ECG) is an essential skill to inform diagnostic accuracy and instigation of timely treatment. This course will give you the knowledge and information you need and take you through the process of how to safely and accurately record a 12-lead ECG.


What does the 12-lead ECG course cover?

  • Indications for a 12-lead ECG
  • Anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • Preparation of equipment and room
  • Preparing the patient
  • Limb and chest electrode placement
  • Posterior electrode placement
  • 12-lead ECG placement on children
  • Tips for getting a good recording
  • Troubleshooting of common problems


Why take this 12-lead ECG course?

Once you have completed this 12-lead ECG course, you will be confidently able to:

  • Understand the Fundamentals of ECG: Grasp the basic principles of ECG technology and the physiological basis of the heart’s electrical activity and components of an ECG tracing, including waves, intervals, and segments.
  • Understand the Indications for performing an ECG: Understand and articulate when and why a 12-lead is necessary, including identifying clinical scenarios and patient symptoms that warrant its use.
  • Prepare Equipment and Patient for ECG procedures: Understand how to set up the machine correctly and prepare the environment to ensure accurate data collection, including adjusting settings for different conditions. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with patients, ensure their comfort, and prepare them physically for ECG testing (e.g., skin preparation, positioning). Understand best practices for ensuring patient safety and hygiene during ECG procedures.
  • Grasp Accurate Lead Placement: Explain the correct placement of the 12 leads for standard ECG recording, including the anatomical landmarks. Understand, identify and implement posterior electrode placements for enhanced diagnostic accuracy in specific cardiac conditions and correct lead placement techniques for paediatric patients.
  • Recognise Common Errors: Identify and correct common technical errors in ECG recording, such as lead misplacement, loose electrodes, and interference. Utilise best practices to enhance the quality of the ECG recording, including patient relaxation, minimising muscle tremors, and correct electrode attachment.
  • Troubleshoot Common Problems in ECG Recording: Identify and resolve typical issues such as electrical interference, baseline wander, and poor lead contact, enhancing the reliability of the ECG data.

Other considerations

The scope of this course does not include interpretation of ECGs and we emphasise that a completed 12-lead ECG recording should be reviewed by a healthcare professional who is trained and competent in the interpretation of ECGs.

Please note with any skill we teach at Health Academy we will always recommend a period of supervised practice following the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills in order to consolidate what you have learned and be able to demonstrate to yourself and your employer that you have attained a level of competence to safely and effectively carry out the procedure. This course contains an ECG competency workbook that can be downloaded and used alongside supervision in practice, providing a pathway to gain clinical competence and practice under supervision through hands-on experience and mentorship in practice.


CPD hours

The course provides 3 hours of CPD


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Image showing 3 CPD hours


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