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Primary Care Specific Courses

Unlock the full potential of your Primary Care Team with these Health Academy Primary Care Courses. Our courses are designed to enhance the skills of your team, allowing you to expand the range of services you can provide. Whether you prefer face-to-face or virtual delivery, we offer bespoke sessions tailored to your health professionals’ specific needs. Contact us now to arrange a session and take your team’s capabilities to the next level.


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Invest in your Primary Care Team’s future. Join the ranks of Primary Care organisations who are choosing Health Academy for their training needs. Take the first step towards a brighter future for your team by contacting us now.

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What Our Professionals Say

Hear From Primary Care Professionals

Introduction to Travel Health

Outstanding course, very informative, knowledgable tutor.

8th March, 2023

Fundamentals of Travel Health

Informative! Kept you wanting to know more. Put in a way that was easy to understand and retain the information.

Sarah Hawkins

13th Dec, 2022

Free Courses

Try out one of our Free E-learning Courses!

The 5Ts of Tropical Disease (E-learning)


Image for 5ts of tropical disease course Travel Health

The 5Ts is a framework for learning, teaching and summarising travel health and tropical diseases. Learn how to use it in the free course.

The Travel Vaccine Traffic Light Tool (E-learning)


Image for travel vaccine traffic light course Travel health shows a traffic light on red

The Travel Vaccine Traffic Light is a tool to help your traveller decide on which vaccines to have for their trip. This free course will take you through the process.

Travelers at Altitude Course (E-learning)


Image for travel vaccine traffic light course Travel health shows a traffic light on red

Learn usefull knowledge and skills to help you provide advice to your patients who are traveling to altitude. This free course is filled with great tips and advice.