Introduction to Travel Health (2 day) – Live via Zoom

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This comprehensive 2 day virtual classroom travel health course covers all the core elements for health professionals wishing to deliver a travel health service. Developed in line with Travel Health Good Practice Guidelines (FTM, RCPSG). See below.

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This 2-day virtual classroom travel health training course is very comprehensive and therefore covers all the core elements for health professionals wishing to deliver a travel health service. In order to do this we have developed the course in line with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Travel Health Competencies and the new Faculty of Travel Medicine (FTM) Travel Health Good Practice Guidelines (RCPSG)

Who is it suitable for?

Due to the growing field of travel health, this course is suitable for practice nurses, travel health nurses, pharmacists, occupational health clinicians, GPs, and any other healthcare professionals wishing to deliver a travel health service.

Who are the trainers?

Alys Bunce has over 10 years of travel health nursing experience working predominantly for Nomad as a Specialist Education Nurse and Lead Nurse in their travel clinics. She is also a qualified teacher and has worked as an adult education lecturer. The majority of Alys’s work time is spent writing and delivering clinical training programmes including immunisation, phlebotomy and travel health. She also writes for a travel health journal and even finds time to be a mum to two young children.

What’s included?

Courses run from 9.15 – 16.30 on both days

This is an interactive and engaging virtual classroom or webinar travel health training course. Due to the complicated nature of travel health we cover a large amount of subject matter. We will, however, use case studies, group work and discussions to facilitate learning. The course includes the following topics:

  • Practical provisions of running a Travel Health Service
  • Professional responsibilities for health professionals working in travel health
  • How to complete a comprehensive Travel Health Risk Assessment
  • Introduction to the ‘5T’s of Tropical Disease’ and the ‘Travel Vaccine Traffic Light’ tools.
  • Choosing reliable data sources
  • Vaccine preventable diseases – schedules and how to discuss with your traveller, including:
    • Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Meningococcal Disease ACWY, Polio, Rabies, Tetanus, Tick-borne Encephalitis, Tuberculosis, Typhoid & Yellow Fever
  • How to discuss prevention advice regarding:
    • Travellers’ diarrhorea & food and water precautions
    • vector-borne diseases
    • diseases spread by human contact
    • diseases and hazards in the environment
    • Managing pre-existing conditions
  • Special risk groups
  • Malaria Risk Assessment and advice using the ABCD approach

The course also includes an update on the changes to travel health due to the Covid-19 pandemic!

Following many years of travel clinic and teaching experience, we have designed this course to help clinicians quickly get to grips with the fundamental components of Travel Health. We also offer a number of practical tips to managing travel clinic appointments.

We provide references and links to resources throughout the training to allow delegates to access original sources of information for further reading and to keep up to date after the course.

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Additional Information.

Because this course is for travel health training it does not cover Foundations of Immunisation trainingSeasonal Influenza, Covid-19, or other UK immunisation schedule vaccines. However, the relevant course packages or add-on courses can be purchased from Health Academy

Health Academy is also able of offer Basic Life support and Anaphylaxis training in separate courses.

Other considerations

It is important for all clinicians who are new to Travel Health to undergo supervised practice in their workplace. Details of this and a comprehensive ‘Competency Assessment Tool for Travel Health Practitioners’ can be found in the Travel Health Good Practice Guidelines (RCPSG).

Please also note that Public Health England strongly recommend a period of supervised practice in addition to comprehensive training when the practitioner is new to immunisation.

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7th & 8th May 2024, 28th & 29th May 2024, 18th & 19th June 2024, 25th & 26th June 2024, 2nd & 3rd July 2024, 30th & 31st July 2024, 10th & 11th September 2024, 22nd & 23rd October 2024

35 reviews for Introduction to Travel Health (2 day) – Live via Zoom

  1. Esther Arnold

    After the course, I feel my confidence level has risen 100%. Emley was excellent, backed up by Alys. They made it fun and very interesting. Thank you very much

  2. Priyanka Soni

    I thought the group sessions were great and gave me more confidence on how to use the Travax and other travel websites. Very well presented and I felt comfortable asking questions. Very informative session.

  3. Debbie Frost

    Very well planned 2 day travel course

  4. Alexandra Soundia

    The two day course has taught me so many things !!!! Very interesting content, thorough presentation. Emley is an amazing teacher!!! Keep up with the great job !!!

  5. Sheila Trower

    The two day course was very informative. I had no knowledge of even knowing how to start a travel consultation. The course has given me the confidence to start.

  6. Claudia Dan

    Interactive! very informative, great course!

  7. Vicky Parsons (verified owner)

    Great Course! Alys was an amazing teacher, learnt so much in 2 Days!

  8. Danielle Ward

    I completed this course more as a refresher but also to give me a certified certificate. Ruth was amazing helping with overall customer service.
    Alys I’ve known for quite a few years, In fact she trained me in travel health. This course is amazing, Alys is an incredible trainer really engaging and makes the learning process fun and exciting.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Health Academy for any training needs. Thanks Alys & Ruth

  9. Helen Parry

    Thoroughly enjoyed this 2 day course. Very well structured and organised. I am new to practice nursing and travel health and this course has given me the confidence to start. Alys is a fountain of knowledge and made the course fun and engaging, I have learnt so much – not your usual death by power point online training. Highly recommend!

  10. Rosie Steele (verified owner)

    I came across this course through a google search so I wasn’t sure what to expect but was reassured by the excellent reviews. Alys was a very engaging tutor and the course was very informative and has equipped me with all the knowledge I need to get going in setting up a travel clinic within our GP surgery. I feel really inspired. Thank you very much – highly recommend! R Steele GP

  11. Janet Lloyd

    I recently completed the 2 day Travel Health course with Alys as the presenter. I have some experience in Travel Health but have just started a job which involves much more comprehensive travel risk assessments and more varied travel vaccines. Alys was very motivational and presented the course in an interesting and engaging way. I feel excited to start putting my new knowledge in to practice.

  12. Jayne Collins

    Just done 2 days with Alys Bunce, best Zoom teaching I’ve encountered, good mix of teaching, interaction and positive feedback. Exceptional use of resources, have come away from a complex subject, feeling like I can do this.
    Having video and audio on was very beneficial to learning, interaction and facilitation in this medium, easy to ask questions, learn from others, thank you all,

  13. Carol Beth Bright (verified owner)

    This two day Introduction to travel health course was amazing. The teacher Alys Bunce was extremely knowledgable in all areas of Travel Health and made the course not only informative but also fun with her teaching style. The course covers everything you need to know if new to travel health and is equally perfect for nurses like myself, returning back to the speciality following a career break.

  14. claire roberts (verified owner)

    Very informative course
    Answered my questions. Good zoom interaction.
    Well delivered – enthusiastic

  15. Emma Fisher

    Alys was an amazing teacher and able to answer any questions that cropped up. Good mix of presentations and interaction with chance to practice what we learned as we went along. Great resources to take forward into practice. Highly recommend this course to anyone new to Travel Health and looking to get started. Thanks for a great 2 days 🙂

  16. Emma Morris

    Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day travel health course, Alys is an excellent trainer-very enthusiastic and engaging, got everyone involved during the 2 days. Great use of scenarios for us to think about and put theory into practice. Great resources to use in future consultations, Thank you

  17. Stephie Oliva

    Our Trainer Alys was fantastic! She is so knowledgeable and approachable, which is so important for maximum engagement. I really enjoyed it and would 100% recommend this course.

  18. Jarred Rose

    Outstanding! Brilliant course! Enough said 🙂

  19. Katie Brown

    Very good informative course. Alys was fab at explaining things answering questions and keeping us all focused with a good range of activities.

  20. sandra ryan

    Would highly recommend this course. Two days virtual learning can be very taxing but Alys made it thoroughly enjoyable and engaging.

  21. Jahmena Pospisilova

    Alys has such passion for safe Travel Vaccination. By far one of the best virtual courses I have attended.

  22. Carol Beth Bright (verified owner)

    Excellent travel health course! This two day Introduction to travel health course was amazing. The teacher Alys Bunce was extremely knowledgable in all areas of Travel Health and made the course not only informative but also fun with her teaching style. The course covers everything you need to know if new to travel health and is equally perfect for nurses like myself, returning back to the speciality following a career break

  23. Tammy Zelt (verified owner)

    Instructor was excellent

  24. Laura May Hunt (verified owner)

    Very useful for a GP to step up my travel health approaches and knowledge.

  25. Sian Strain (verified owner)

    Very well tought , thankyou Alys xx

  26. claudia Thurlwell (verified owner)

    Informative and engaging. Alys was enthusiastic and made it easy to learn. Showed great support and reasurance. Thank you

  27. Dawne Chandler (verified owner)

    Alys was brilliant and provided us with a lot of resources.

  28. AMANDA KERR (verified owner)

    The instructor was great. Very knowledgable in all areas of travel health, and had me at complete ease.

  29. sarah Hemmings (verified owner)

    A really good course that I will highly recommend to other health professionals. So much to fit in to 2 day but great resources to help. Alys was very passionate about travel health and a great interactive teacher, which put me at ease as I’m not great at being interacting on study days. This helped me get the most out of the two day course and I learnt soooo much. So thank you and I look forward to my travel health journey!

  30. Ella Russell (verified owner)

    really good! Alys very supportive and knowledgeable! Good at calming nerves!!!!

  31. Danielle Clifford (verified owner)

    Great course

  32. Ann Jones

    Excellent course. Alys is so knowledgeable and has completely demystified travel vaccines for me and given me the confidence to move forward with clinics. Thank you!

  33. m gabriel

    Informative. Lots of references to resources

  34. jules

    outstanding course, very informative, knowledgable tutor

  35. Freya Martinez

    Really good course with amazing resources and tools. Worth it

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