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Immunisation Courses

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Immunisation Training for Everyone

Welcome to Health Academy Immunisation Training. We have courses for all levels, and all our courses are developed in line with the  ‘National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training – (PHE)‘   If you are looking for vaccine specific courses check out our vaccine package and individual courses further down the page.

Immunisation Training for Everyone

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Online Self-Paced
Virtual Classroom

Online Self-Paced Courses

Want to Learn Immunising at Your Own Pace?

Foundation Courses

Get Started with Immunisation at Your Own Pace

New to Immunisation (Online)

£55.00£150.00 (Inc VAT)

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This New Immunisers’ training course comes with various vaccine module options. The great thing about this course is that it can be completed fully online and has a video assessment option! It is developed in line with ‘National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training‘ – PHE, and allows you gain all the practical vaccination skills to enable you to commence supervised practice as a vaccinator.

Annual Update Courses

An Update for Experienced Vaccinators

Annual Immunisation Update (Online)

£29.00£110.00 (Inc VAT)

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This online Annual Immunisation Update training course with various vaccine options was developed in line with ‘National Minimum Standards‘ – PHE. A great option for those wanting to update in the convenience of their own home or workplace! 

Face-to-Face Courses

Or do You Preffer a Workshop Environment?

Blended Immunisation Courses

A Practical Face-to-Face Course with Online Element

Vaccination skills workshop

£99.00£129.00 (Inc VAT)

Our face-to-face vaccination skills workshop is suitable for those who are new to vaccinating or those that have not vaccinated in recent years. The half day workshop is very comprehensive and practical, and includes all the practical vaccination skills to enable you to commence supervised practice as a vaccinator. The course also covers Basic Life Support and Anaphylaxis and you will be awarded with the relevant certificates on successful completion. 

The workshop can be bought with a choice of online courses depending on whether you are a new immuniser or are needing an update.

Virtual Classroom Courses

Looking for Virtual Classroom Options?

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Virtual Immunisation Courses

We have Virtual Classroom Options for New and Experienced Immunisers.

If you or your organisation are looking for virtual immunisation training options please contact us here.

We also run a virtual Annual Immunisation Update course here.

Vaccine Package Courses

Need to Learn About a Group of Vaccines?

Choose from our vaccine package series which are produced for those who will be administering a specific set of vaccines. These courses can be purchased on their own or in combination with our Foundations of Immunisation, or Annual Immunisation Update courses.

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