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Immunisation Courses

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Immunisation Training for Everyone

Welcome to Health Academy Immunisation Training. If you are new to vaccinating or are looking for an annual update check out our ‘Core Immunisation Courses’. If you are looking for vaccine specific courses check out our packages and individual courses. 

Core Immunisation Courses

New to Immunising or Need an Update?

These courses are for new immunisers or those looking for their annual update. They are developed in line with the  ‘National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners‘ document by Public Health England. Please note that new immunisers should also have a period of supervised practice and support with a registered healthcare practitioner who is experienced, up to date and competent in immunisation (PHE).

Vaccine Package Courses

Need to Learn About a Group of Vaccines?

Choose from our vaccine package series which are produced for those who will be administering a specific set of vaccines. These courses can be purchased on their own or in combination with our Foundations of Immunisation, or Annual Immunisation Update courses.

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