Vaginal Ring Pessary Training

Our ‘Vaginal Ring Pessary Training’ Course covers the theoretical and practical skills and knowledge required to safely fit and change vaginal (ring) pessaries. Understand the female genital tract, recognise signs and symptoms of uterovaginal prolapse and learn how this condition is managed both through surgical and non-surgical methods.


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Healthcare professional assessing a female patientThis half-day course is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to proficiently perform vaginal ring pessary fitting and exchange. The comprehensive curriculum covers both conservative and surgical management of uterovaginal prolapse, ensuring participants are well-prepared to address the evolving needs in the specialised field of Urogynaecology.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants earn a certificate in Vaginal Ring Pessary Training, providing a pathway to gain clinical competence and practice under supervision through hands-on experience and mentorship in practice.



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Developed in line with UK National Standards and Guidelines (including those in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and guidance from the NHS, NICE and the United Kingdom Continence Society (UKCS).




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