Flu PGDs with training options

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Comprehensive set of Flu Patient Group Direction (PGD) packages for the 2022/23 Flu season.

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At Health Academy we are pleased to offer a comprehensive set of Flu Patient Group Direction (PGD) packages with training options to suit your exact needs. You can select from a number of different PGD and training options. PGDs come at a large discount when purchased alongside our flu training courses. See below for options.  With combined PGD and training options we issue certificates and PGDs on completion.


Who is this product suitable for?

The Flu PGD and training packages are suitable for any healthcare professionals wishing to administer the annual flu vaccine. This could include practice nurses, pharmacists, occupational health clinicians or any other health care practitioner who is able to administer vaccines under a PGD.

So what PGDs have we included?


Because of the range of vaccine products available, we will include the full set of Injectable flu vaccine PGDs available in the UK for the coming flu season. For this coming season these will be:

  • Quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine – QIVe
  • Quadrivalent influenza cell cultured vaccine – QIVc
  • Adjuvanted trivalent influenza vaccine – aQIV
  • Recombinant quadrivalent influenza vaccine – QIVr

And what training do we include?

As well as the PGDs themselves we also have the training packages to suit your needs. Whether you are brand new to immunising or a seasoned vaccinator we have a package for you. Take a look at the following options and then select your package from the dropdown above:


Flu PGDs only

Choose this option if you are able to confirm you are up to date with the recommended immunisation and flu training.


With Flu training 2022/23 Online

If you are up to date with immunisation training but need a specific update on this year’s flu strains and vaccine products choose this option.

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With Flu Practical Workshop for New Immunisers 2022/23 Face-to-Face + Online

If you are completely new to immunising, but will be able to have practical immunisation technique assessed by someone in your organisation, then this is the option for you.  We have also included Anaphylaxis Management in this course.

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Flu Practical Workshop with Pharmacy 3 Yearly Update 2022/23 Face-to-Face

This option is suitable for experienced immunisers who need an annual immunisation update, in particular those pharmacists who need 

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What have we not included?

In these Flu PGD and immunisation training course we do not cover Travel vaccines, or any other UK schedule vaccinations. Please find the relevant course packages or add-on courses from the main course categories area if you would like these included. 

We also have Basic Life support available in a separate course. 


Other considerations

Important: Private Flu PGD’s can only be used in practice with agreement of the organisation you are working within. Therefore the PGD will only be valid for use once approved for use internally.

Please also note that Public Health England (PHE) strongly recommended a period of supervised practice in addition to comprehensive training when the practitioner is new to immunisation. National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners (PHE).

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