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Trainers’ FAQs

Immunisation Training

COVID-19 vaccines ordering and delivery

Will receipt of delivery of COVID-19 vaccines differ with the vaccines now being offered in GP services – who can accept delivery in general practice? Any new processes in general practice for this or is it the usual way?

Delivery of vaccines and processes are always arranged on a local basis, therefore this information will need to be discussed with the practice manager.

Will COVID-19 vaccines be entered on the GP system AND Pinnacle? How will this work in practice re documentation (Some report being issued with logins to Pinnacle, others not)?

This will be dependent on what primary system the practice uses. Pinnacle was built by the same company as EMIS so it is more likely that this is integrated if they are using an EMIS system. Local guidance will be provided if vaccines are required to be entered on two systems.

Covid-19 Vaccine courses

What constitutes a ‘full primary course of COVID-19 vaccines’ in order to be eligible to receive the bivalent booster and why is the bivalent vaccine only being used for boosters not primary doses?

Primary courses – follow in guidance in green book chapter 14a. There doesn’t seem to be any clear reason why bivalent is only being used as a booster, therefore, based on the government communication, we can only assume it may be due to vaccine supply of the bivalent vaccine. If people want to read more on JCVI analysis, they can do here:





Covid-19 Vaccine Administration

Are gloves required for preparation, drawing up or administration of COVID-19 vaccines?

No. Gloves are not required or recommended for the preparation, drawing up or administration of COVID-19 vaccines. If this comes up, it is likely to be from those that were working in vaccination services at the start of the pandemic where additional PPE was required, including gloves. We have now reverted to pre-pandemic measures and no gloves are required.

You can highlight the RCN campaign to reduce glove use ‘Are you glove aware?’ – there is a good animation in this link that you could show:



Vaccine coding for Ukrainians

How do you code vaccines given to Ukrainians?

Delivery of vaccines and processes are always arranged on a local basis, therefore this information will need to be discussed with the practice manager.

This is the NHS letter guidance on this: 



“No SNOMED code currently exist for identifying a person fleeing the conflict in Ukraine so we recommend use of (Refugee (person)) 446654005 but acknowledge refugee status does not apply. The following codes may additionally support or be of use: • (Born in Ukraine (finding)) 315552001 • (Ukrainian language interpreter needed (finding)) 20420100000010 • (Russian language interpreter needed (finding)) 203971000000105 • (New patient screening (procedure), New Patient Screening, New Patient Health Check) 171324002]”


Practices may also use the ‘New patient screening’ code. 

Polio Vaccine Administration

Can you administer a polio containing vaccine on the NHS when according to normal schedules that they would be up to date? This would be due to some countries having requirements for an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) evidencing a polio containing vaccination within the past 12 months on exit of the country.

We have linked a more detailed explanation of this below, but in summary: 


An NHS GP practice cannot charge for the supply and administration of a Diptheria, Tetanus & Polio (Td/PV) vaccination. This can be administered on the NHS. 


A practice can charge for the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) which should be issued in this case if it chooses to. 


ICVP’s can be ordered from Nathnac here. At time of writing these are charged at £10.20 for a pack of 10. 


Further details explaining the guidance can be found here