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Seasonal Influenza 2020/21 taster course

Take this sort taster course to see what you can expect from our highly acclaimed Seasonal Influenza 2020/21 online course

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Travel Vaccine Traffic Light

The Travel Vaccine Traffic Light is a tool to help your traveller to decide on which vaccines to have for their trip

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The 5Ts of Tropical Disease

The 5Ts is a framework for learning, teaching and summarising travel health and tropical diseases.

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Health Academy Free Resources

5Ts Worksheet PDF

This worksheet can be downloaded and filled in to use as a quick reference for the vaccine preventable travel health disease

Traffic Light Tool

The Traffic Light Tool can be downloaded, printed, and laminated to use in travel health consultations to help you and your traveller.

Guide to using the Travel Vaccine Traffic Light

This guide can be downloaded to guide you through the use of the Traffic Light Tool.

Malaria medication checker

A selection of our animated content

The 5Ts of Japanese Encephalitis

T = Type

The 5Ts of Rabies

T = Traveller’s Risk

The 5Ts of Tick-borne Encephalitis

T = Transmission Route

The 5Ts of Meningococcal

T = Type

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