Tick-borne Encephalitis – Short Course

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This Japanese Encephalitis vaccine training course is part of the ‘Health Academy Short Course’ series and provides clinicians with specific information related to arthropod-borne diseases, and the full range of Japanese Encephalitis vaccines. Read more…


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Welcome to this Tick-borne Encephalitis vaccine training course which is part of the ‘Health Academy Short Course’ series that provides clinicians with specific information relating to the full range of vaccines available in the UK.

So who is this Tick-borne Encephalitis vaccine training course suitable for?

This course is suitable for any experienced vaccinators who’s role will involve administering Tick-borne Encephalitis  containing vaccines. Therefore this could include immunisation nurses, practice nurses, pharmacists or any healthcare professional, or healthcare support worker administering vaccines.

What have we included in this short course?

We have designed the vaccine short courses to cover all the key information for understanding the fundamentals of the disease, and the available vaccines. Therefore this course includes information on the live vaccine and it’s risks. You should complete the course in approximately 60 minutes.

Course content:

  • Introduction to arthropod-borne diseases
  • The 5 Ts of Tick-borne Encephalitis: Type – Type of organism and type of disease, Transmission route – How does the traveller become infected, Treatment & prevention – What treatments and preventative measures are available pre and post infection, Traveller’s Risk – What factors increase a traveller’s risk & Take home message – Key message for the traveller
  • Tick-borne Encephalitis vaccine lessons are also and integral part of the course.

So what’s not included in this Tick-borne Encephalitis vaccine training?

Please note: This is a stand alone Tick-borne Encephalitis vaccine training course. Therefore this is not a Foundations of Immunisation Course for those new to immunising or an Annual Immunisation Update Course.

Other considerations

We also recommend completing a comprehensive Fundamentals of Travel Health course if you are going to be delivering a travel health service. This is in line with Good Practice Guidance for Providing a Travel Health Service (RGPSG, 2020).

Further travel health related short courses are also available here.

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